India’s COVID-19 Crisis: Donations, Resources, and Advocacy Opportunities

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in South Asia unfolding rapidly in India and into neighboring countries including Nepal and Pakistan, an urgent and sustained global response is needed. Currently, at least one of every three COVID-19 cases globally is being recorded in India, and the current infection and death rates are considered to be severely undercounted. The healthcare infrastructure is severely strained, with insufficient hospital beds, oxygen, and other critical medical supplies. Although vaccination eligibility was recently extended to anyone over age 18, there is insufficient vaccine supply to meet the immediate and urgent need even as India is also the site of about a fifth of the world’s COVID-19 vaccine production. This means that India’s contributions to COVAX, the global alliance for vaccine supply to the global south, are also now under threat.

Advocates are calling for equitable vaccine access globally including removing restrictions on exporting raw materials and temporarily waiving vaccine patents; offering timely supply of oxygen concentrators and generators, COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers, and other needed medical supplies; and ensuring inclusivity of the most marginalized communities, including Dalit, Adi­vasi, religious minorities, gender and sexual minorities, migrant workers, sanitary workers, domestic workers, and unhoused people.

Below are some resources providing the most up-to-date information for making local and international donations, finding on-the ground-resources for family and friends in India, and advocating for support from the U.S. to India. We will continue to update this list.