Medical Decision Making

37th Annual Meeting

Medical Decision Making

37th Annual North American Meeting for the Society of Medical Decision Making

October 18 – October 21, 2015
St. Louis, MO

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) define Implementation Science as, “the study of methods to promote the integration of research findings and evidence into healthcare policy and practice.” SMDM is uniquely positioned to bring experts from a broad range of health science disciplines together to explore implementation and exchange ideas on how to improve the translation of research findings into better bedside care and health care utilization.

The combination of short-courses, symposia, and research presentations continues to foster lively debates and deeper understandings of how our scientific research can be applied to improve care. Whether through decision modeling approaches, bedside studies of patient preferences, or exploration of decision psychology, SMDM can bring innovative and disruptive changes to healthcare.

This meeting intends to help talented researchers, clinicians, and trainees communicate their findings to a broader audience. Meeting attendees will enjoy opportunities to interact with leaders in implementation, communication, and the other areas encompassed by medical decision making. Attendees will be exposed to new ideas, hear from thought leaders, and will be able to share their own insights with a receptive audience.

The spirit of the Show-Me state is the spirit of implementation. Implementation is ultimately how we show others how our work can be applied in practice. This meeting will be a gateway to new frontiers in healthcare science.